Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Too much junk this holiday? Fill your heart with puppy love.

Don't we all already have too much junk? Sure, we need things but we get the things we need for ourselves. Gifts are nice but if it's just an obligation to spend money, it doesn't really fit into the spirit of giving.

Every holiday I wonder, do I need to buy into all this consumerism? I always tell myself I won't, but then people start buying me presents and the guilt rolls in. A couple of hand-made gifts and a few treats here and there are nice but I want to donate to a cause as my gift to my friends and family. And I hope that they might join me and raise even more for an awesome cause!

My solution: Asking you to please donate to my favourite cause, the Second Chance fund at the BCSPCA. Raising funds for specific animals who need life-saving surgery, this is a great way to give joy and love this holiday season.

Look at that punam.

My angel this season is a nine-year-old Lhasa Apso named Zizi. She has been neglected too long, and needs a chance in her golden years to live life free of pain and surrounded by love, just like all of us. She needs $3800 for her surgery and care, of which $2745 has already been raised. I set my goal at $100 but I think we can raise $1055 and complete Zizi's surgery fund, with your help.

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